Ongoing and future projects

RAHSS students,

I’m at the departure gate for my flight to New Zealand.  Sorry I won’t see you!  I’ll be coming back for the AGU meeting in San Francisco (Yang will have a poster there on Dec 18, you can ask him to show it to you if you see him on Saturday).
Jerome will be around next weekend, I’m not sure about Yang.  I’ll be back the following weekend.
Here are some notes about ongoing and future projects.
1.  Processing roots and soils from trenches.  Stephanie started a data sheet for these, someone could take this on or Stephanie can keep the lead if a high school student doesn’t take it.  The lead person needs to keep track of samples to be processed and record the data in the data sheet.
2.  Root data from the half pits in plot 4:  Abby has been entering data (as lead on this data set).  She made the data sheet!
3.  Griffin made the data sheet for leaf litter.  Use if if you process any leaf samples in your spare time.
4.  Griffin has been working on statistics on leaf litter mass.  I’m not sure where this stands, send me a report.
5.  Oh, maybe the statistics stalled out on leaf litter outliers.  Griffin brought a bunch of samples down from the attic that need to be sorted, dried and weighed.  The drying oven is due to be delivered for repair on Monday, sorry about that!
6.  The soil samples from the trenches need to be sieved.  This might be good for next weekend (I want to review the methods).  Jerome might be in charge, his undergraduate degree is in soils (I don’t know how to sieve soils, but I think it’s not hard).  There are sieves and a fume hood in room B-13.
7.  I think it would be good to have a google doc listing tasks (like this) and recording what’s been done.  One of the high school students could start this; Stephanie can supervise.
I think I will be in the Auckland airport waiting for a flight to Auckland when you all get to the lab.  Let me know who there has a Skype account and I’ll call in!
x Ruth
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One Response to Ongoing and future projects

  1. yanai says:

    Instead of a google doc to track what’s going on in the lab, we have this blog! Thanks, Jerome, for setting it up.


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