Lab News 12/14/14

Last weekend in attendance on 12/14/14 was: Materjay, Nick, Griffin, Hank, Lillian, Seth, and Mariam.

All parties were able to help in both litter sorting as well as trench plot root picking.
Four people were typically picking roots, while three worked on sorting leaves. The session lasted from 12 -5pm, most left by 345, with Griffin and Hank remaining until 5pm. Hank also had the opportunity to Skype call with Paul Lilly for a few minutes (lab microphone was not working, used cell phone).
Trench plot samples: JBO 2:50-65 samples 1-4, were completed.
Fall 2014 litter samples: C2-2-B2, C2-2-C1, C2-3-B2, and C2-3-C1 were completed. Dried, and weighed on 12/16/2014.
Also, three trench plot samples samples were sieved and weighed by Nick (first three on data sheet). These samples are listed on the data sheet in the data folder by the whiteboard. Protocol followed included: thoroughly rinsing 2mm sieve with distilled water, air drying and using kimwipes for residual water, carefully picking screen with small probe, using compressed air between samples and thoroughly cleaning screen between samples. Brass 2mm sieve from B-9 was used.
Completed dried and weighed leaves placed in a box on the floor by the two chest freezers. Trench plot sieved and unsieved samples placed on the floor by the fridge.
Boxing these samples is a good idea to prevent any issues that may arise.

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