Lab news 12/20/14

Today in news from the trenches, Nick, Zach, and Seth teamed up on sample 1 while Luam, Lilly, and Miriam did sample 2, which completes JBO Plot 3 (Griffin helped both teams, so we won’t declare a winner).  One team (I won’t say which) left a lot of dirt on the roots and I rewashed them.  Maybe I’ll check the other team’s roots on Monday.  The soils are bagged and drying.

Seth started up the oven (which has not been serviced, because it’s insulated with asbestos) and monitored the temperature.  We learned that it goes up very slowly…  I’ll check it on Monday.

Abby worked on compiling root masses from the half-pits in the fourth plots, all of which have been processed (none are left in the freezer).  But we don’t have weights for most of them!  Nor do we know what is stored where in the lab. If any of the grad or undergrad students know where we should look, please contact me.  We can put sample organization on the list of activities for next week.

Thanks for all your contributions!  Have a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you one of these weekends.


sorting live and dead roots

sorting live and dead roots

washing roots

These roots were going to be dried.  I thought they looked dirty so I dumped them out — very dirty indeed!


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