Weekend Update! 1/4/2015

1.  Max weighed roots from the soil pits and Abby made a new data sheet for tracking the samples (in addition to the one for the masses).
2.  Griffin and Max finished the last power core sample.  When we have the dry mass, we will have completed what we owed Christy Goodale at Cornell; she has C and N concentrations but needed the mass of the samples to calculate C and N contents of soils.
3.  Nick, Seth, and Zach finished a trench root sample.  Zach prefers roots to leaves!  That was the last trench sample for now, but we found a soil pit sample to sort for Abby.  It was
4.  Griffin and Max sorted two baskets of leaves.  Max learned his leaves, maybe even including distinguishing the two birches (I’m bad at this).
5.  Nora updated the file of reprints (if you want copies of any papers on my publication list, tell Nora (or look in the file cabinet)).
6.  Seth weighed the leaves that Yang brought over from an oven in Illick, and he and Nick organized the bags.  Seth, did you find that we have a complete set of samples from each basket?  I know you found one that was previously thought to be missing!
On Friday, Jerome started the Lab Crew Blog.  This could be a good place for the tutorial on processing roots from soil pits (Nora and Abby started this).  We need good pictures, please take pictures and we’ll post them!  I put a picture as a background and it overwrote the title…  We’re still working on it.
Let us know whom to expect next Sunday, and if you can’t come, give us your preference for the following weekend.
Happy New Year!
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