Weekend update from 1/11/2015!

Attending: Max, Gabriel, Griffin, Materjay, Abby, Nora, Aaliyah, Lwam, Nick, Zach, Yang, Jerome, and Ruth.  This may be an all-time high attendance record!  When Li came in, we were 14 people.
Lab accomplishments
– Five litter samples from fall 2014 were sorted and placed in the drying oven (priority list to be updated). The oven was turned off Monday 1/12 (save energy), to be turned on again Friday 1/16, so samples can be weighed Sunday in lab. Leaf sorting was conducted by: Materjay, Lwam, Gabriel, Yang, Jerome, Nick, Aaliyah, and Ruth.
Yang and Gabriel working on leaf sorting Fall 2014 litter

Yang and Gabriel working on leaf sorting Fall 2014 litter

– Leaf litter samples collected by Nat Clevitt were taken to illick to dry by Griffin, Aaliyah, and Jerome. Ovens were full of samples of Tim Volk’s. Jerome is coordinating with Tim and Chuck Schirmer to have samples dried starting Friday to enable leaf weighing Sunday.
– Abby worked on compiling root masses from the half-pits in the fourth plots, sorting through samples in the lab and finding the associated masses of samples which have already been processed.
– Nora worked on printing, organizing, and updating the hard copy catalogue (file cabinet) of Ruth’s publications to have on file in the lab.
– Griffin aided Max in his science fair project testing for fertilization effects on leaf litter mass at HB and JB . Leaves sent by Nat Cleavitt were weighed air dry. Leaf samples were taken to Illick to be dried and weighed next weekend.
– Zach worked on sorting the final half pit soil sample from the 4th plots, thus concluding root picking in the half pits.
– Aaliyah and Nick worked on completing data entry for the soil respiration data from 2014. All data has been entered and will be sent along to Tim Fahey.
– Ruth provided pizza and Li provided chocolates (German to be exact), and all were content. Until next week live long and prosper!!

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