Lab updates, ecology in action!

Attending: Aaliyah, Jerome, Stephanie, Yang, Abby, Nick, Jessie, Materjay, Gabriel, Max, Zach, Ruth, Griffin, Lily.

We have 14 people this time!! Jessie is the freshman from EFB , and she is new here! Welcome Jessie.

Lab accomplishments

–Aaliyah weighed the litter bags (Fall 2014) we sorted and dried from last week.

–Jerome and Stephanie worked on organizing root samples, and making plans for next week.

–Abby worked on organizing half pit samples & litter samples,  Stephanie was helping her sort things. They were updating sampling inventories, accounting for missing weights, and processing samples to make the list current.

–Materjay, Jerome, Jessie and Yang worked on sorting leaves, and they finished about 6 bags in total.

–Nick helped a bit on sorting leaves, and then worked with Zach and Max on picking roots from soil samples (half pits, last sample being processed).

— Gabriel checked root samples that were sorted, organizing samples according to sample type, and clarifying organization of the associated data sets.


–Ruth came in with the pizza at 1:00. Everyone was content, until the idea of chicken ranch pizza was introduced……

–Lily and Jessie learned how to clean the roots that were already sorted out from the soil, washing roots and using new coin envelopes for storage.

–Griffin and Max checked litter samples to see if there is non-leaf tissue in the bag. Continued working on litter masses for Fall 2014 HB and JB samples.

–Jessie and Aaliyah figured out they would take this Sunday work as the Intern with credits. Jessie was doing an inventory about people’s favorite toppings on the pizza! We will have chicken and cheese pizza next weekend!

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