The Great Caterpillar Hunt

Once upon a time in a land not so far far away an interesting discovery was made. While hard at work sorting JBO leaf litter samples some high school and college students noticed some strange creatures hidden among the sugar maple leaves. What were these creatures you ask?  Well we believe they are Maple Trumpet Skeletonizer Caterpillars. Pictured above are the remnants of the caterpillars that have been found. Also shown above are maple leaves that have been skeletonized by these caterpillars. In light of this discovery, a high school student decided to look into these caterpillars further for a science fair project. Within the JBO stand there are multiple different fertilizer treatment plots. We are looking to see if these treatments of nitrogen/phosphorus have an effect on the number of caterpillars seen. Stay tuned for further information and results from this ongoing project!!

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