Sample clones and oven mysteries


Today we started out by investigating the effects of a mysterious dip in the drying oven’s temperature down to 48 C. To check to see if this would affect our data, Nick weighed a few samples and weighed them again when they got to 60 C. The differences were 0.5% – 1.5% of the mass, so we determined this to be ultimately insignificant.

While working we uncovered a cadre of copycat samples (Griffin says its more like identity theft than copycatting), with labels that have already been entered into our data sheet! These samples (HBO-1-A1, and some Power Cores) have been defying our collective investigative ability, but we’ll be sure to pick this up with a fresh angle next time.

Athena, Ed, Nathan, and Vizma spent all 4 hours on a single soil sample in a show of sheer determination.


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