Useful for Reuse!!


Say goodbye to clutter! These litter collection bags are packed, clipped, and ready for action in the 2017 field season.  They are already labeled by stand, plot, and basket.


Our very own Grace Lockwood has done an exceptional job double checking the Spring and Summer litter from 2015 and 2016.  We don’t need to keep these (the attic is filling up with the more valuable Fall litter collections) so she dumps them into a garbage bag after looking for non-leaf material and counting cherry pedicels, birch catkins and bracts, and today only, a red spruce cone.  We thought she was all done, and we had a bonfire to burn the samples and celebrate Yang Yang’s PhD candidacy exam.  But it turned out there were more samples hiding…  We will have another bonfire to celebrate Kara’s thesis defense, hopefully on December 19.

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